Friday, 6 June 2014


A Friday reflection of the week that has been, my head space and my "into the weekend" thoughts. So here goes! 

Wondering - whether it is normal to feel this tired all the time, or if I'm fighting something

Nourishing - with baked goodies... spelt choc-chip cookies have been the favourite this week

Playing -  all different sorts of guitars - searching for the perfect one

Creating - space - in the house by de-cluttering and in my life by not taking on more than I can

Nurturing - my guitar - she has new strings, has had a clean, and is now dust free

Growing -  peas! - they are very happily growing with the still warmish weather

Listening - to some old time Spearhead - Franti is just so cool.

Preparing - for a long weekend in Robertson - precious family time is on the way! 

Inspired by Steph over at this brown wren

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  1. inner time is precious
    sleep is nourishing
    your beautiful food is nurturing