Friday, 17 January 2014


A Friday reflection of the week that has been, my head space and my "into the weekend" thoughts. So here goes! 

Connecting - With my children, it is so nice to have time with each other and not many 'to-do's.

Nourishing - With a little time up my sleeve I have made a huge batch of out deliciously nourishing Crunchy Cluster Muesli

Playing - Swimming, Swimming and more Swimming... Lots in the river and the deep pool, fine tuning the swimming techniques and confidence.

Creating - New Spaces - moved rooms around which has lead to a whole house spring clean.

Nurturing - One of our chickens as when we came back from holidays it was not very happy. We have given it some extra love, but to no avail. The day after it died, Orlando found an egg in a coop with a rooster. Now we are nurturing an egg with potential :)

Growing - Not a lot as these heat waves and the complete lack of rain are sabotaging all my growing efforts.  

Listening - The whir of the fan on full ball, trying to cool out un-air conditioned house on sweltering days

Inspired by Steph over at this brown wren

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