Sunday, 6 January 2013

The 52 Project

Inspired by Che and Fidel's 52 project from last year, I have decided to get on the bandwagon and have a go myself! It involves putting together a portrait a week for each week of the year. Each portrait has a sentence that accompanied it, giving a context for the photo. At the end of the year, the photos are put together in a photo book as a snapshot album of your year. I am going to document the children and am hoping to improve and challenge my photography skills at the same time :) The lovely, Jodie has some really inspiring portraits over their at Che and Fidel, its well worth a look!

So here we go... for my first week's photos!

Orlando: Fun in the Summer Sun - Strike a pose

Matilda: Lazy Summer mornings - no need for clothes, just beads


  1. Perfect Summer day captures! Beautiful!! Wishing you the loveliest of weeks :) x

  2. Such gorgeous kids, captures summer perfectly! x

  3. Lovely Summer pictures.
    Looking forward to seeing your year unfold.

  4. Gorgeous photos and beautiful children. I love their cheeky expressions, so sweet :)

  5. such gorgeous photos. have a sweet day, and welcome to the portrait project! :)sarah

  6. Gorgeous kids:) I've just joined too so popping over to say hello.