Sunday, 6 January 2013

Summer Delights

Over our delightful festive season, our family went and spent some time in rural Victoria with my Mum. While there Mum treated us to some of her home made ice cream. I find good ice cream rather irresistible. We never really buy it, as having it in the house will mean I will eat it :)

On our return, we were wandering though the supermarket and low and behold there was an Ice Cream Machine for sale! $24! Bargain! But did we need it? No... We would eat too much and turn into rolly polly pigglets.

As we continued to shop for our groceries, we started brainstorming all the 'healthy' ice creams we could make if we did have our own machine. We also started thinking about the gourmet flavour combos we could create. So, you guessed it, we decided that the machine may just need to live at our place... we wouldn't have to use it all the time though......... yeah right!

Now that I have been playing with it and experimenting for a week I am rather excited about our purchase! The kids don't get ice cream that often as I'm not so keen on them loading up with all that sugar. Now we can all enjoy ice cream, that is far less sweet, but far more delicious! Also the machine only makes 500ml at a time. This is great for us as it is enough for the whole family to have a little without gorging.

We can see a long and delicious road of ice cream experiments to come (YUM!) but here are a few we have enjoyed this week!

Banana Ice Cream
200ml Milk
100ml Cream
2 Mashed Bananas
50g of sugar if you need it (we don't if they are good bananas)

- We have then been topping it with toasted shredded coconut or a light grating of dark chocolate

Berry, Banana and Coconut Ice Cream
125ml Coconut Cream
375ml Natural Yogurt
1 Banana
1 T honey
230g Berries (what ever sort you have!)

Blend to puree all and wack in the magic machine!

Mango Ice Cream

200ml Milk
100ml Cream
pureed Mango or 2 depending on size and how 'Mango-ee' you like it

- Top with toasted macadamia nuts

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
200g of Raspberries (pureed)
200g of Natural Yogurt
Enough Maple Syrup to take the tang from the yogurt and raspberries I used 1/4 C

What a delightful treat for our summer and with the 3rd 37+ degree day in a row here and more to come we need a little cool sweetness :)


  1. Sounds delicious Soph. I've been thinking for a while how good it would be to have an ice cream to make some at home. Your recipes sound yummy!

    1. You can also make the Berry, Banana and Coconut one and put it in little ice block molds and they are delicious :)

  2. Do it Casey! you will enjoy it big time! Feels so much better eating ice cream that you know whats inside! How is that beautiful bubba of yours going? He is SO BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to meeting him when you guys come down!