Wednesday, 5 December 2012

3 Years Old!

Last week my little Lady turned 3. She has been practicing being 3 for a while and for the past 6 weeks she has been waking up as asking "Is it my Birthday yet?" so to say it was an anticipated birthday would be an understatement!

We struggled to think of what to buy her for her birthday. We already have a wealth of toys and have many '3 year old' toys from when Orlando was 3. We have also just spent 8 weeks on the road with very few toys and have been more than happy. So I was stuck with the consumerism dilemma. Do we buy things for the sake of it? 

We decided to invest in just a few really nice things that were open ended enough to satisfy her for a number of years. She adores Fairies, so we went with a beautiful felt playscape and some needle-felted fairies. Orlando choose a felted mermaid and an apple 'house' with hedgehogs inside. So among a few other books, shoes, puzzle etc it was a very 'felty' birthday!

She adored it, so we were rather happy about that :)

Now that Matilda is 3 we have noticed she:
- Is toilet trained - day and night
- Is rather chatty and enjoys re-telling events and stories
- Is practicing 'reading' her favourite books to anyone who will listen and then demanding them read to her in return
- Is demonstrating her ever growing Independence - I want to brush my own hair, teeth, etc
- Gets herself dressed most of the time
- Is VERY social and really focuses on her 'friends'
- Is very eager to label people that are and are not her friends
- Enjoys a feeling of power and will seek it where possible
- Can easily establish who is going to be more lenient toward her every whim
- Knows how to push her brothers buttons perfectly
- Is kind and developing a deep sense of empathy
- Asks questions about the world and is keen to understand how it works
- Loves drawing and painting and talking about what she is creating
- Is patient and will wait when needed
- Adores a cuddle
Tillies Birthday Activity of choice was Swimming with Friends :)
- Wants to now how to use ALL technology and experiments regularly
- Loves swimming and looking under the water
- Has a great sense of humour
- Has a calm a peace that is very settling
- is very excited about starting Preschool in January!

What will our year ahead hold! I adore watching you grow and develop little lady xoxoxoxox

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  1. I am laughing with love at reading about our Tillie's three ness - thankyou SOph a beautiful rendition!