Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New - Part 4

Okay, I know I'm pumping them out tonight but I finally have a second to sit and write, so I'm catching up!

Tonight we christened our new kitchen!! YAY!! Horahh! Wooo Hoo!!!

Both the plumber and the electrician were here today, which means we finally have power, water, drainage etc etc which means we can use our kitchen!!!!
In fact the only thing missing is the glass splash back and that is still a week or two away.

Because it isn't all looking so show room perfect yet, I'm only doing to show you some snippets until the glass is in and we can show it off properly :)

We had great joy this afternoon, moving in the essentials to the new kitchen and starting to play with our new appliances. I had a hearty laugh as we ran the dishwasher for the first time and the kids and I sat on the floor of the kitchen and listened to is run for about half and hour :) It's the little things :) Then when dinner was being cooked, I walked in and found Nath, sitting on the floor of the kitchen watching the oven cook our Spanikopita (guess it runs in the family :))

To my joy and delight, while we were cooking dinner the kids exactly as I hoped the would. They turned the telly off, unprompted, and came to join us at the bench, sharing in the cooking process and sitting up there and reading books. Being a part of the kitchen life again, which our old kitchen didn't really encourage.

We keep finding ourselves standing there staring at how beautiful it all is, our old decrepit kitchen now distant in our memories as we appreciate the beautiful kitchen we now get the pleasure to use many times every day. I'm one happy lady and I look forward to the coming few days as we unpack and make home again.

So raise your glasses and toast with us, to new beginnings, good food shared and enjoyed and to the centre hub of a family home! The Kitchen!

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  1. heheeeeee what a gorgeous story - i so look forward to the now we have the splash back so we can show you the whole thing photos and hey - by then i will almost be able to see it!!!!!!!!!! i particularly enjoyed the view of the new bench with the stools and the kids accessing kitchen life so easily.
    we sat and watched our new washing machine for ages too - the wool wash just goes round as far as as smile and then back again with a pause before smiling again . . . . . .