Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New - Part 3

Yes, Yes, I have been rather slack keeping up to date with our progress but I am currently drowning under a chaotic pig sty that I once called my home. I know that it will be whole again soon but right now when half of the house doesn't have a place to put anything I am rather unmotivated to clean anything. So instead I try to create some sort on normalcy in a chaotic space. I have decided to embrace the chaos instead of fight it.

The creation of our new kitchen has begun. The exciting day arrived when the big white truck backed into our driveway and unloaded all of our cabinetry. One single builder then came and put our whole kitchen together in about 4 or 5 hrs.... Nath has worked for weeks and their done in half a day!!

This was so exciting!! Although we had to patiently wait for the bench tops to go in, floor to be finished, the plumber and electrician to finish off and the splash backs to be installed the actual guts of the kitchen was there. We got to walk though the space and start to get an idea about how our new kitchen was going to look and feel. About the space we had created.

At one stage someone said "is the kitchen going to look good?" My response was "I have no idea! I have never designed a kitchen before!" and this is exactly how I felt! The process is rather absurd, you go in and through a series of questions you select different parts of a jigsaw puzzle. Problem is you have never seen the big picture!! They are all random elements that you HOPE will work together... but it is hard to tell from 5cm square swatches!

My vision in designing our kitchen was for it to be, light, clean, airy and natural. I also wanted to ensure that it wasn't a kitchen that would offend many peoples taste, therefor adding to the resale value of our house.

A week later bench tops finally came which meant our sink was in also. The following day the floors were finished and we realised that this 'nearly finished kitchen' had to wait until the plumber and electrician could come NEXT WEEK before we could move in or use anything!!! So close and yet so far....

Now we patiently tap our fingers and toes to pass the time before we can use our 'almost ready' kitchen :)

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  1. it's that sotry about the waves - they rise build peak and fall - every time - we look at a huge job and really all we have to do is begin it and keep on going xoxoxox