Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wilson's Prom

Well our 2nd stop is to the most southerly point of Victoria and the Australian mainland. It was a LONG drive to get here... With all of our stops and slower going,  it ended up taking us 10 hrs!!! Which is a LONG DAY and needless to say we were all very over it by the time we arrived!

It was dark and wet when we arrived, but pleasantly we were greeted by some friendly Wombats who are rather a little too tame.

We set up in a break in the rain, whipped up a quick omelet for dinner, and relaxed in our first shower in 4 days. Even the kids were relieved to be having a wash!

The next morning we woke to find the sun shining, and a beautiful and very wild place. I didn't realize there were mountains on 'the Prom' as its called.

There is beautiful mix of beach, tidal rivers, rainforest and mountains with rocky granite outcrops. What more could you ask for!!

  This is the first place in Australia that I have found where I feel like "gee this is different!" there a birds I haven't come across before. So much so that Ollie and I have taken to creating names for the interesting things we are finding.

We have:

 The "Lipstick Birds" which we have now discovered are really called the Pacific Gull

"Rainbow Rocks" which is just how the granite boulders look after years of 'watering'

"Gnarly Trees" - which I am fascinated with! They are so twisted and textured! I want to sculpt them in clay!

I think if the last camp was the 'Camp of Transitions' then this camp would have to be called the 'Camp of Tantrums and Together-ness'! We have all (particularly Tilly and Myself) had a number of tantrums in the last few days. We are all in very close proximity together and we have all spent a lot of time thinking about how this trip would go/be. So we have reached that point of saying ... "Okay, let's talk about our expectations, get on the same page, work out the little things that are ticking us off and get on with our trip" this has been done rather successfully. All 4 of us are talking more and respecting each other a little more. We have also has some really close and very together family moments. The ones where you take a deep breath and say "Ahhh, this is my family and this is what it is all about..."

I also feel that I underestimated what an upheaval this would be for the kids. I know how much they will get out of it, but I can see that at different times they are both letting me know that this is all a bit different and they just want some familiarity. They both are still very excited about different aspects of the trip, but their routine is different and Ollie in particular needs to know what's happening and what is coming next or he is rather disoriented. Tilly isn't sleeping so well and that makes both her and I rather frazzled, particularly as she has always been such a champion sleeper. The kids are learning that each day is different and there isn't really a routine to follow, so go with the flow!

Mum and Ian came to stay for 2 nights while we were here and that was lovely. Nice for everyone, but particularly for the kids who drank their Grandma up like an ice cold chocolate milk shake. I think we will have a few days of withdrawals, but I'm hoping the long awaited Puffing Billy will assist in this transition :)

Overall, Wilson's Prom is a stunning place and I feel sad in leaving it... I don't feel that my time with this special place is finished... There is a lot more to see, a d I look forward to spending a lot more time here in the future.

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  1. We agree with you anout the beauty of Wilson's Prom - so beautiful! it was such a good feeling to be surrounded omn three sides by the sea. and it is always gorgeous to go to sleep hearing the sea - the here and back again of the waves. and of course it is delightful to be running up and down the beach playing waves with two of my grandchildren - love playing with them very very very much . . . talking and drawing and exploring and walking and looking and hugging and being xoxoxoxox love mummmmmmm xoxox