Sunday, 26 August 2012

Catch Up...

Well we have had a few camps since our last catch up but I haven't really had the inclination to write so I haven't!!

We went on to Melbourne and stayed in a little fishing and farming village out of town. We had day trips into the city. This was an interesting camp... It was nothing short of a trashy trailer park... The sort where you lock your door at night as you wave to the toothless yokels. Not a highlight that is for sure :)

 Melbourne is a fantastic place, but when you are in a camping mind set it is a little overwhelming. At one stage as the four of us stood in a big mall, I felt like we were all standing still, as the world and people were in fast forward,  zooming around us. It became very obvious that we have slowed right down and  are not really wanting to be a part of the speedy-ness right now. That is for another holiday.

We spent a day on the Puffing Billy, which is a 1900 steam train. This was great fun! Both the kids really enjoyed it but Orlando was in HEAVEN!! I think he could of stayed on the train for a week straight and still be enjoying it! The play that these train rides have inspired is magical.

We followed this by catching the train into Melbourne and then riding on the trams. Orlando had so many questions about how it all worked and what the differences between all the different types of transport there were.

On the last day in Melbourne we drove around to Frankston. This is a great little place and we had a really nice day. There is a very engaging park that you could play at for hours, which we did and there are sculptures everywhere. I adore brass sculptures that children can interact with. Having sculptures at their level provides the perfect opportunity for children to explore art and sculpture. I think far too often artworks are set back, unable to be touched and explored. Touching and exploring is how children interact with there world. They don't want to sit back and theorize about the artists motivation when painting an art work! They want to get in there and feel the textures of the paint and the curves of the brass. Anyway.... Back to the holiday :)

We voyaged that night on the Spirit of Tasmania. The day Orlando and Matilda had been waiting for!!! Orlando commented that it was much bigger than he thought it would be and Matilda thinks it is probably bigger than a giant! We were all very excited and stayed up really late (Matilda had her own little party till 1am and then needed to be woken up as we got off the ship as she slept through it all). I remembered, as I was holding Matilda down and trying to go to sleep, feeling the rocking of the ship... That I get sea sick... Just a little. I usually carry ginger lollies with me and then I'm fine, but I had completely forgotten :) oppps!!

Since being in Tasmania we have had a whole lot of rain, wind and snow!! We have been staying at Cradle Mountain, which Nath and I are quite fond of. We (in the rain) went on a number of bush walks and saw some beautiful waterfalls and moss covered forests. The kids are yet to actually see Cradle Mountain as it was continually curtained in mist and fog.

We are set up for the rain, we are prepared. But once wet.... You really need to dry out, so continuous rain can get a little annoying.

On the third day of rain, we decided to be spontaneous, cut loose of Cradle Mountain and head North, to Stanley.

It rained all the way... But once we arrived at a beautiful little bush camp at Peggs Beach, it slowed down and started to blow a gale. Since being here, there have been wind gusts of over 70 km/h. At least it has dried everything out...

We actually had a lovely day today climbing "The Nut". I think this may have been one of the steepest paths I have ever been up. It is a beautiful place, with amazing views. Up the top the gale force winds continued and then it started to rain. That sort of hard sideways windy rain. We had a laugh and headed back down or should I say, held hands and the railing while sheltering our face and clawed our way through the wind and rain down the slippery and extraordinarily steep path, back to the car.

On the beach we found some amazing soft corals and sea weeds. Brilliant colours. Made me wish it was summer and I could be snorkeling! We even found a large blue ringed octopus! And this creature...... Do you know what it is?

Through research we have discovered it is an Orange Sea Pen....
Not a face hugger or an alien like we first threorized :)

My prediction is we are about to enter a new phase in our holiday. We are now on 2 weeks. This is the length of most of our holidays. Yesterday for the first time Ollie said "Is it time to go home yet?" and Matilda said "I like my toys at home...". This is the point I wanted to get to.... The reason we are away for 2 full months. I want to get past the point where we are on holiday and relax into a new groove, using the things around us and adapting to each new environment. Learning, loving and leaning on each other as a strong and connected family unit. I'm interested to see what emerges in our new phase....

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  1. I am sure that some sun will assist this new phase to open up . . . . you all look really well however . . . and now the magic of the Tarkine Forests - they are on my top list of beauty that I have witnessed so far on this planet Earth. May the Sun Faery touch you all xoxoxoxoxox Mummm oxoxoxoxox