Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A New Sense of Ability

Over the Easter weekend we re-visited one of our favourite stomping grounds. My bunch and some new friends went off to camp and climb the rocks in Namadji National Park just south of Canberra. Honeysuckle Campground to be exact!

The weather was beautiful, the kids were their gorgeous independent selves, off exploring the bush and the adults had an opportunity to take some deep breaths and relax - what Easter is all about in this house hold :)

Our new friends enjoy rock climbing as much as Nathan (my partner in crime) does. I on the other hand would love to enjoy it, but instead adore the places it takes us and the view I get from the bottom of the rocks cheering everyone else on and soaking up the soul food being in nature provides me.

On one such climbing adventure, Orlando decided to take the opportunity and follow his Dad up the rock face. Me of little faith, thought he would only get up a little and back out, knowing that physical pursuits are not something Orlando often pushes himself in.

To my delight I was COMPLETELY wrong. My little rock climber proudly donned the 'special grip shoes' and harness and up the rock he went. He got about half way through the climb, which I though was a brilliant effort, as full grown experienced rock climbers were doing the same climb.

He was more than a little chuffed, as were we.

Since this time Orlando has well and truly felt the climbing bug bite. Once back at the camp site he climbed everything - at one stage calling out "Mum I'm up in the tiny bit of the tree and the wind is waving me about and I can't figure out how to get down!" Little did I realise this tree was also on top of a 3m high boulder and once I was on top of the rock he was still over a metre above my head.... Right we may need to set a few ground rules..... But to his credit, once down, he was found re-climbing the tree over and over until he figured out how to get down himself.

I can see now that with his new tooth and this new climbing bug, Orlando's sense of his own physicality has grown no end. He is confident in him self and his ability to climb, ride, run, jump, lift - anything he wants! The other beauty to see is that when he hits a set back he goes at it again and again until he achieves what he is  aiming for.... Proud Mumma indeed :)

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  1. I love your site, Soph and am looking forward to being inspired by more readings and photos - thank you! The way that you explore ways to empower your family is walking the talk not just speaking it xox