Friday, 28 March 2014


A Friday reflection of the week that has been, my head space and my "into the weekend" thoughts. So here goes! 

Wondering - if I have my priorities balanced or if some adjusting is needed or even possible

Nourishing - with Banana Pikelets they are quick, easy and warm and delicious on a rainy afternoon.

Playing - with how to fit a few extra hours in my day... I'm not asking for much just 1 or 2 more hours would help

Creating - with the cooler weather descending I've picked up my knitting for the first time in 2 years... maybe I will get this jumper knitted this season :) 

Nurturing - my professional self - trying to do justice to all my roles

Growing - everything is growing with all this water falling from the sky!

Listening - re-visiting Angus and Julia Stone, Jack Johnston, and Goyte.

Preparing - to deliver a workshop tomorrow on documenting children's learning and making it visible to a staff of 30... bit to get done.

Inspired by Steph over at this brown wren

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