Sunday, 9 February 2014


A Friday (Sunday this week!) reflection of the week that has been, my head space and my "into the weekend" thoughts. So here goes! 

Connecting - Deeper with friends. Good friends that are becoming very spacial friends.

Nourishing - We're finding some 'fast  cook' dinners to help us have nutritious dinners when it's been a busy day/week/year :)  This week... left over roast lamb burritos.

Playing - At the beach with fellow families, relishing the the joy of community.

Creating - A new work/school routine. The year has begun and we all need to settle into the changed routine.

Nurturing - My garden, it is dying and suffering in these repeated heatwaves. Especially with the complete lack of rain.

Growing - The corn cobs are starting to set... but the heat is killing the whole veggie garden. I'm thinking of letting it go to the gods and trying again next season.

Listening - To the kids, taking time to sit and chat and really listen to the beautiful ideas they feel important to share.

Inspired by Steph over at this brown wren

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