Friday, 28 February 2014


A Friday reflection of the week that has been, my head space and my "into the weekend" thoughts. So here goes! 

Connecting - With my inner princess which is helping me re-connect with my girl.

Nourishing - With pre-cooked frozen dinners to make my solo week more manageable.

Playing - a Smashing Pumpkins song on my guitar.

Creating - A Queen Elsa outfit - Tilly helped design and sew and now she is in love.

Nurturing - Tired little bodies and minds after busy weeks at school and pre school. Everyone seems to feel so much more tired when Dads away.

Growing - Herbs, our herb garden needed re-vitalising and so we stripped a lot of it and replenished our supply.

Listening - To the Frozen soundtrack AGAIN and then when it's off I'm still listening to it in my head... I've had enough now...

Preparing - For a mass of busy weekends, but there is a lot of family and social fun ahead.

Inspired by Steph over at this brown wren

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