Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Through her eyes...

I was taking photos the other day (as you do) and Matilda asked me if she could have a turn.

I paused... my precious camera... sure you can... stay here with me though!

So I transferred the strap to her neck, showed her how to move in and out, how to focus and said - 

"You can take 10 photos... make them precious ones"

and she did! 

I was rather taken with her view of the world, her composition and thought. 

She loved it. 

It inspired us to give her a camera of her own, a second hand one that she could experiment with, away from my watchful eye... she had a birthday coming up and so we did!

I am sure their are plenty of 'selfies' and random blury shots to come, but I love the idea of children being able to document their world, through their eyes. A sneak peak into their thinking and what is important to them. I await the 'first download' to see what treasures we have :)

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