Monday, 7 October 2013

35-40/52 - The Catch Up!

Well look at me! Just a little behind! I will use all sorts of excuses but the main one is that I have been bush for 25 of the last 35 days and internet access is few and far between and my laptop is no where in sight. Bit nice actually :) The other issue with being away so much is that if you are not near your children it is hard to photograph them! So I am going to be a little lenient with the 'week'  rule.

But I can share a mixture of photos from the past 6 weeks of my treasures.

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

35/40 - An Ancient Tea Ritual

Orlando: Now asks for 'kids tea'. Lovable Licorice is his favourite. He loves it so much that he breaths in the steam.

Matilda: Tilly wants to enjoy it as much as her brother but is always approaches it with just a little caution. She worries that it will be hot, even though it is only ever cool.  


Orlando: Even when he is investigating the world, he still has a wonderful sense of humour.

Matilda: Snuggle Bug is always ready for a cuddle 


Orlando: I don' think there is a moment in the day when he isn't trying to understand more about how the world works. Spring has sprung and our apple trees are in their annual bloom, the bees are here in the hundreds.

Matilda: These shoes and swimmers are a trademark of this year.

38/52 - The Beach Holiday Begins...

Orlando: Eyes that I will always be captivated by, such a look of intensity.

Matilda: As soon as we get to the water her clothing is shed. She readily embraces the beach life style.

39/52 - Tactile Treasures

Orlando: The search for treasure continues. At this beach he was searching for Gems. None were found but instead an offering of the most special treasures.

Matilda: Always one for the tactile exploration. This beach had pebbles instead of sand. Matilda thought is looked like "black ses-na-me" seeds.


Orlando: He wants to swim SOOO much but the water is still just too cold from the winter months. He tempts his toes getting a little deeper as the numb sets in.

Matilda: Off searching for fossils, binoculars, bare feet and beach attire. She's Set!

All of these are joining in with Jodie At Che And Fidel


  1. Love your photos - the magnified eye is so cheeky and the tiny pebbles on the hand stunning! Your holiday looks awesome - can't wait 'til summer xx

  2. ah a wonderful variety of moments capturing the essence of what ever it is going on - beautiful!