Sunday, 14 July 2013


Oh our little world is a-changing and I am VERY excited about it's new direction. Those that know me, know that I am continuously on a real estate hunt. Not because I am not happy with my home, but just because it was always mean to be a stepping stone. There are many things that just are not how I imagined them.

I think one of the main things I have felt unsettled about is that this home is not in the bush. I love being surrounded by natural spaces and this place just feels a little like (well is) suburbia! I want the kids to grow up with a deep connection to a natural space. A place they know so well and get plenty of time to explore and experience.

Easy answer! Move to the bush! 

BUT my job, Nathan's job and the kids school are all perfect. I love my job, the kids school is perfection and not one we will find else where and Nathan is really happy in his job.

So move just outside of Canberra!

Possibly, but do we really want to travel that far? The kids wont be part of their school community, the bush here is dry and not overly inspiring and it is very expensive. Also as the kids grow older I don't really want them driving long distances at night time or always at a mates place because their home is so far away.

So move to a trendy part of the city! 

This would be good as it would fit out life style very well. We could have nature reserves on our door step and I would be bike riding distance to work and the kids to their school... we just need A LOT OF MONEY!

Kissing Trees!!!
This circle has been moving around and around in my head for the past 2 years. I property search and look continuously and I have often found "THE ONE" which has turned out, not to live up to our expectations.


We decided to add another option to our roundabout of ideas... what about a holiday property? One that we would visit regularly, and spend most of our holidays at. It would need to be everything we were wanting if it was going to work... (and it gave me an excuse to look at some more real estate :))

Well for the first time it has just flowed. We looked at a few bad ones, which narrowed down our likes and dislikes and then we found one that looked like it was perfect... We chatted to the bank to see if we could afford it and we could... last step was to go and have a look and see if it stood up to our expectations....


We made a special day as a family to go and have a look. It had everything we wanted and more. It backs onto a National Park, is 200m to a STUNNING beach, has a large lake to Kayak through, is close to a supply town, is quiet and is covered in beautiful Australian forest.

So we made and offer.... and now we wait in anticipation...

Here are a few shots to share our vision with you :)

I'm sure you know I will keep you posted!!


  1. Hey thats exciting, looks like south coast beaches, south coast light and trees... Makes me miss home, ow home! I hope it all falls into place. Just Awesome x

  2. Thanks Starr! It sure is South Coast... the place of secret beauty! And only 2hrs from my place!

  3. What stunning scenery! My fingers are crossed for you. x

    1. Thanks Claire! I think I have crossed every vein and artery in my body... my heart may be a little too attached... Tomorrow will tell.

  4. Looks just like you described it Soph! it's just you guys down to a tee xoxoxox

  5. That's wonderful news Soph !

    No wonder they are so deep in conversation ;-)

  6. HE'S AWAY ON HOLIDAYS AND WON'T BE BACK TILL NEXT WEEK!!! I don't know my patience can wait that long!!! Going to need to breath a lot and get on wi other things...