Sunday, 23 June 2013


Oh I've just realised I missed a week!! Shows how busy my TWO weeks have been that I have merged them into ONE!!

Oh well... if I only miss 1 in 52 I'll be happy :)

Matilda: With the happy smile of a morning tea hot chocolate, she goes on to say "WELL, I think...." Gotta love a mum/daughter conversation over a good cuppa :)

Orlando: Increasingly he doesn't have time to stop for a photo. Too busy. This time the inner working of cogs and pulleys. Constructing a marble track and watching in joy as the marble descends through the 'machine' he has designed.

Pair: While enjoying a good sausage sizzle at the school community event, I stopped to notice how similar these two are beginning to look. Dressed in a similar Canberra winter fashion, you really notice that they are definitely made out of the same ingredients.