Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I sort of feel numb about the idea that Orlando has just turned 6... really 6 already? Yet at the same time it feels like... only 6... I hardly remember life without him! 

So much growing up has happened in the last few months. Starting Kindergarten has had a lot to do with it, but I think all these new teeth and the idea of '6-ness' has been a factor as well.

Orlando has grown tall, oh so tall. All of his pants are suddenly two sizes too small. This new height seems to be giving him a different view of the world. Attitudes are changing and relationships are deepening. A new self awareness or maybe a new self consciousness has begun. A calm, deep focus has set in. New interests, broader interests, questions and fascination  Huge ambitions, Orlando is set to understand all the world has to offer.

There are new rules about what clothes are okay to wear, how he wants to look and choices about how he is presenting himself to the world. He is thinking deeply about relationships, how they work and how they change. There is a new ability to accept change and a humble way of accepting what is. He is learning new ways to negotiate and testing new boundaries. He is aware of how much focused time he receives from us, and lets us know when we have been too preoccupied "Mum I need us to do something together, just us for a bit"

He is testing himself and pushing his skills, trying new tasks and practicing them until he feels he has got it. He is reading, writing, sewing, jumping, creating, playing, building, exploring, inventing, discovering, watching, laughing and laughing and laughing.

Such love I have for this young man, such love and such fascination. 

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy....


  1. Happy Birthday Great Nephew Orlando Hope my parcel arrived !

  2. Hey Ru.... he got it and LOVES IT, that book has had him absorbed for days :) We were out of reception for a lot of his birthday, have had a super hectic week and now im off on school camp (excuses excuses excuses) we will call you on the weekend :)

  3. Soph I have tears in my eyes running from a precious river of heart reading your words of love and appreciation of Orlando - a beautiful gift for the day thank you!!! Mum xoxox