Sunday, 28 April 2013

Treasure Bags

On a rainy day not long ago....

Orlando suggested he wanted to do some hand-sewing. Hand sewing has become a little popular in our household recently so I said "SURE why not!". We sorted through fabrics, found one that was firm enough. Not too floppy, but easy enough to get a wool needle through. Felt or a wool blend works really well, and set to work.

Orlando picked a wool he wanted to sew with and we chatted about what he wanted sew. He suggested a little bag for treasures. Being the treasure hunter that he is, I thought this was a brilliant idea. He wanted it to be for a bush walk and he could collect bush treasures (a man after my own heart).

We cut out a rectangle, folded it over - leaving a little to cut into an interesting shaped flap. We tie on the wool and Orlando set to work with his running stitch. A button and a button sowed later and he was rather chuffed. A handle is yet to come.

Instead of stopping there he decided "Matilda and I explore in the forest together, so I think she will need one too. Matilda I am going to make one for you to."  What a generous soul he is. He picked some fabric and wool for her and set to work. 

This inspired Matilda to come and sew. Instead of over complicating things, I gave her a square of fabric, attached the wool and allowed her to stitch throughout the fabric where ever and how ever she pleased. She loved this and felt rather important sitting up there stitching with Orlando. I think it also looks rather good, the contrasting wool and fabric. What ever she created was going to be beautiful.

So they may be rustic, but the kids love them, and most importantly they made them all by themselves. This sense of connection and ownership makes using the treasure bag so much more special. The bag is a treasure in itself. A treasure to hold all future treasures. 

Sewing, like beading, is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their fine motor control and attention to detail. Bring at an age where writing and communicating your ideas through drawings is of great importance  I am always happy to provide opportunities for Orlando to strengthen his fingers and dexterity. Also to be able to work carefully and take pride in this care. Every stitch was examined to see if he felt it was good enough. This is bound to create great pride and a wonderful feeling of self fulfillment.


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