Saturday, 9 March 2013


This week is Canberra's 100th Birthday. There are many festivities happening. Last night we enjoyed the STUNNING Enlighten Festival, where designs are projected onto some of Canberra's Iconic buildings.  It is a visual spectacular! The kids prepared with an afternoon sleep and stayed up until 10:30! It was a beautiful night that we all enjoyed... 

 "A Portrait a week of my children, every week in 2013"

Matilda: Feeling the lights change colour and watching her own shadow
Orlando: Dancing to the music and enjoying the light on his body

Just a taste of some of the beautiful festival projections....

The Portrait Gallery

The National Library


  1. Oh wow how cool. That looks great and cute little portrait!


  2. Love, love love. The use of light and shadow in this weeks images. Just stunning.

  3. Sweet photos. I love the fascination littles have with shadows...And go Canberra! What great things happening in our little city lately, hey?...x
    (ps. thank you so much for the words on my childcare post - i left you a little reply on the blog, but was basically saying thanks for taking the time to write such lovely things - i was so touched by the support) x