Monday, 25 February 2013

A Matter of Time...

This is a big year for our family. Orlando is 5 days a week at school, Matilda is starting Pre-School and I am .... working 3 days a week, mum of 2 delights and studying full time online (which will also involve 15-20 weekends away). Nath is therefore delegated with holding the whole family together!

Being 3 weeks into our new routine how are we going...

Well, we are all already tired, but I think that is just the transition from delightful January Holidays! What I have noticed though, is that there is no real routine yet! It keeps changing!!

But some changes are coming into play. With many of my weekends wiped out and Orlando at school all week we are having to make every moment count.

Here are some of the strategies we have worked out so far...

- 3-6pm is dedicated playing with kids time... nothing else allowed. 

- Washing and other 'life maintenance'  tasks need to be done during the week. A load a night and cleaning as I go, keeps me on top of it and saves free weekends for family. We are also thinking this year may just require the hiring of a cleaner to assist in family sanity.

- Being realistic with my expectations of what I can and cannot manage. For example, going to the gym is super important to me, so I need to keep that up, it also helps me feel energized. Unfortunately, I may not be able to post on here as much as I would like to...

- Bulk cooking dinners and freezing portions. This is saving us valuable cooking time. So many stews and sauces stay delicious frozen.

- Making lunches and laying out clothes the night before. This allows school mornings to stay calm and increases the kids Independence.

- Leave work at work! There is ALWAYS more work to do, but this year work is ONLY happening at work.

- When Matilda and I have a home day we are going to cook like mad! She can be my assistant chef, which she will love and we can stock the freezer for the weeks dinners and lunchboxes. This week Tilly chopped a whole soup pot full of apples. We then made delicious apple and raspberry fruit leathers and Apple and Ginger... YUMM

I am sure we will find a balance and a routine that allows us to include everything that is important to our family this year, it is just going to take more conscious thought to get there!

Have you got any time saving strategies can you share to help me out?

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