Saturday, 6 October 2012

Out with the Old, in with the New - Part 1

One of the first things we wanted to do when we brought our home (in 2003) was to put in a new kitchen...

9 years later (to the weekend) we have decided that enough is enough and we have started ripping it out!
This is out laminate (SPEW!)

Let me paint the picture... our house was built in the early 70's, we forgave our kitchen for being so hideous because it was getting on for 40 years old... then we found out that some moron had selected that type of kitchen in 1984!! Our kitchen it one of a kind, a particular shade of repulsive. The kitchen man even had a laugh and said he would have to take a picture of this one for "the book". 

We have put up with it for a long time now while our ideas as to the kitchen we wanted to put in waxed and waned. It has now matured for a couple of years and I think the design is getting to be just about right (well I hope so any way!). 

Our kitchen doors had started falling off, the oven door hanging on by a thread, only 2 of the 4 hotplates worked (and then on hot or warm only) and the clock on the disgusting oven continued flashing "HELP". Well we helped it all right, put it out of it's misery! 

Our Dining room has turned into a makeshift eat-in Kitchen
As we have been living for the past 8 weeks in a camping kitchen we decided not to allow ourselves the readjust to the big kitchen and instead to rip it out, forcing the kitchen process to begin. 

So on the day after we returned from our trip the joyful destruction began.

Everyone joined in the fun :)

We are now left with this... ready for the tradies to come on in and do their thing :)

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  1. wow what fun and how you have earned this!!!!!
    i look forward to your posts like a book one is hanging out to turn the pages on and read the new chapter xoxoxoxoxx