Monday, 17 September 2012

LOOK!!! Mum!!!!

As I have had a lot of time for reflection I have been observing the role of Mothers within the family unit. As all mothers know there are too many roles to mention, but here I’m going to share just one.

I have found it interesting to observe the role of mothers as ‘validators’. Often I feel that within the family unit, mothers are this central figure that is the ‘go to’ person for EVERYTHING. Now this, as we know, can at times be exhausting. But it also can be very rewarding. When someone in our family is hurt, it isn’t fixed until Mum knows about it. If a fight has occurred, it isn’t truly over until Mum knows about it. If something great happens, it isn’t truly celebrated until Mum knows all about it.

I have also noticed this in a small way on our holiday. When the kids or Nath find this along the walk, track or beach it’s “MUM!! Look at this!” and they run, treasure in hand to share the discovery with me. Each member seems oblivious of any demands the others are making so at times you can be being called to ‘validate’ 3 different things all at once! It is also joyous though as you get to share in all the great discoveries! 

It has made me think about how much humans have a need to share and communicate their discoveries with others. It is like by sharing it, we validate the experience for ourselves.

Over the past week or two I have taken to photographing (when the camera was with me) all the treasures I have been asked to ‘validate’ and thought I would share them with you!

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  1. Being your mum, I smile even more broadly at this gorgeous reflection xoxoxox