Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mt Buffalo

 The first region we are staying at on our camping holiday is the Mt Buffalo region in Victoria.

What a delightful relief it was to get here! We had a long day in the car through the rather boring highway from Canberra towards Melbourne. You pass a million paddocks.... and that is about it!

So as we pulled in past Beechworth,  Myrtelford and Bright we were delighted to see the towering Mt Buffalo, mountain ranges, green hills, forests, and productive land pass us by.

This seems to be a very productive area, we have passed many vineyards, nut farms, berry farms, vegetable farms, garlic farms, apple orchards, stone fruit orchards, olive groves, all sorts! Also a lot of dairy cows!

As we had just left home, we decided to opt for a free campsite a little out of the way. We found a spot called AH Youngs Campsite which is in the Buckland Valley. It is beautiful! We are in a valley between 2 beautiful mountain ranges with a large river running past the camp ground. It all feels very lush and green. We are sharing the camp site with a large group of dirt bike riders and their dogs. They are gone all day on their bikes, and then with a roaring return they come back and sit on huge couches around the campfire. Apparently they have been here for a week and a half but it looks like they moved in a year ago! Nath isn't so keen on them, but I think they are harmless enough.

We spent the day up at Mt Buffalo. What a beautiful island in the sky that is!

It was scattered with snow, but was a sunny and glorious day. (As you can see we took just a few photos which for some reason Blogger in NOT allowing me to rotate!)

The two places we enjoyed most, was the Old Galleries, which for children, was fantastic. It was even better that to was covered in snow! The Old Galleries are a enormous cluster of granite boulders all piled on and around each other like a pile of marbles. This gives you ally ways, caves, tunnels, bouldering opportunities, all sorts! If anyone knows Lego Land in Namadji National Park, this is like that, but 10 times bigger.

My personal favourite was also the Eurobin Cascades. These are right by the road, on the lower section on the mountain. This mixture of cascades, rocks to scrambles on, mountain forest and ferns, is my idea of paradise!

Although we only had a day to spend on the mountain, I can see that this is a wonderland that you could explore for a life time. I can see why it was the first place in Victoria to be declared as a National Park!

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  1. Sigh I was looking forward to yoru next post and it was well worth the wait - thank you as always my beautiful daughter - I look forward to being with you all tomorrow at Wilson's Prom xoxoxox Mummm xoxox