Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nutting out Knitting

I've known how to knit since I was a kid. But only VERY basically. I can cast on, knit, purl and that's about it! If everything goes right I can knit something, but I often end up with more stitches than I am meant to and a random hole or two :) Needless to say it isn't a skill I pride myself on.

Crocheting on the other hand I can do quite well. I can read patterns, do a few fancy patterns, numerous different stitches and can often nut it out if I don't already know. If something goes wrong I can see why and fix it.

So the problem I have is that often I find these beautiful patterns that I would adore to make. As they are knitting not crocheting I have to leave them or convince someone else to make them for me. This came to a head the other day as I was in a book sale and there were two yarn books for sale. One was for crochet and was rather boring, the other was for knitting and was very inspiring. So I brought the knitting one.....

Yarn crafts are a winter thing for me, I love to sit on cold winter nights with the fire on and create woollen wonders. So I have set my self the challenge of nutting out knitting.

I passed by a stall at the markets, who were selling beautiful home spun, home dyed wool. So I set myself up with a ball, ready to make one of these beautiful knitted hats for Orlando. I sat down with my new wool and new book and set to reading the pattern...

"Cast on 80 stitches, divide evenly between a set of 4 double pointed needles and join"...... RIGHT! I can cast on!!!!

I love yarn crafts being handed down from one person to the other, I know the Internet is a great source of tutorials but I think some age old crafts a better shared. So I took my wool and book to my mother-in-law's house. She is a great knitter, whips things up with style and does all sorts of fancy stuff. She assured me that it was actually quite simple, once you knew what they were talking about. She showed me as I went, and I was off! By the end of my busy week I have finished my first knitted beanie. Knitting seems much faster than crocheting.

Now with my little hat complete, I have learnt many new knitting skills. I now know how to use circular needles, knit in a round using 4 needles, and knit a cord! Simple for some, quite and achievement for me! Apparently I have perfect tension and it looks like a machine. I think this is because I go so slow :)

The only problem ended up being that I was making the hat for Orlando. For some reason it is much smaller than it should be, so I thought it could be for Matilda. Once finished a (7-8 yr old) hat will fit about a 1 yr old. So looks like it will end up a gift for one of the many babies we know that are currently 'under construction'.

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