Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photo Opportunity :)

One of the Mum's that attends the facilitated playgroups that I run, is studying to be a photographer. She is interested in working with families  to create beautiful photo's to remember. 

To get some practise, particularly with a variety of age groups, Gemma asked if she could come and take some photos of my beautiful children... How could I refuse!! We all know I have two stunning children, who wouldn't what to photograph them! Just kidding :) Ollie is very beautiful, but is at that wonderful age of face pulling and tongue poking that makes for a stunning photo...

Matilda already knew Gemma quite well as they are at playgroup together each week, but Orlando has never met Gemma before. Gemma was great. The house was hectic (as always) when she walked in and she was happy to join in the mayhem until it settled down. She then took the time to spend a few moments with the kids before taking photos. This allowed a relationship to develop which supported the rest of the morning. She talked to them about things that they like to do in the garden and they happily ran off to show her all the things they like to do and she snapped away.

At times photographers are in your face and everyone feels slightly uncomfortable, but Gemma was not. She was laid back, attentive and responsive to what the kids were doing. With little, natural questions she was able to get the kids to look in the direction she wanted or be where she needed them to be. She was happy to consult if we had any 'particular' shots or locations that were important to us, but if not she was busy snapping to the opportunities she saw around her. Where possible she tried to capture the children's personality in the photos and with my two she got this beautifully.

We now have a collection of beautiful shots and a really nice variety. I'm a bit chuffed :)

I have not been paid in any way for this post, just wanted to share some of the beautiful shots of my babies and put a good word in for someone who has done a great job! Enjoy!

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